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"Francesco d'Assisi Voyager" - "Freccia di San Francesco"

Our history, our curriculum

Assisi: Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli Francesco d'Assisi Voyager – Freccia di San Francesco is a project of the founder who has always had a passion in the tourist and commercial area, handed down from the father who formed the first stand for tourist souvenirs in the square of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli - Assisi, just after the World War II. From this began the great exodus of tourists from all over the world to visit the holy shrines of Umbria, especially those of Assisi and Santa Maria degli Angeli. The stands grew out of the Basilica and the mentioned result of historical developments and changes, all the teachings of historical, artistic, commercial and hospitality were absorbed by his son, who after graduating in services trade and tourism, he began to study the Umbria, discovering its secrets, the people, and the rough, the festivals and everything that goes unnoticed to tourists, but more surprisingly to those who lived and still lives in these places.
Gained experience in all fields of Umbria and above all the treasures of Umbria, the holder of Francesco d'Assisi Voyager thought of creating a new service for tourists wishing to visit Umbria and beyond, to discover the hidden treasure and enjoy nature, art, events, food and wine traditions typical of Umbria and especially give a concrete value to your holiday stay that is precisely what a good time to meditate than to offer the generous mother nature, recharging with positive energy readily spendable at the return of the tourists in their homeland.
As a result of all this then the holder of Francesco d'Assisi created the Freccia di San Francesco Voyager to provide an opportunity for all the tourists who have not yet visited Umbria, or that have visited but did not know how many beautiful attractions there are, to take the complete Day Tour which includes all the above values??.

THE SPECIAL TRAVELS CATALOGUE brings together this experience and passion and is the result of who knows how to do things and do it well to express the satisfaction of the tourist, because that is what count for us and gives us satisfaction: the satisfaction of the tourists. The reader can make sure of what I have just expressed, just view the Special Travels catalogue, you must also know that we chose the best hotels and accommodation facilities to our knowledge, so you can be sure of a pleasant stay, we have the best certificate Tourist Guide of Umbria, we know how to organize a half or a full day.
Also there are free gifts depending on the number of participants, like photo frames, photo albums, plush toys for the youngest, a fantastic poster of Umbria, a calendar and a naturally a good reception. If you really want a holiday of relax and comfort to stay really well, you are welcome in Umbria with us.

We wait and salute you.