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"Francesco d'Assisi Voyager"

Chauffeur service for the central Italy.

On board services

    Servizio di noleggio con conducente con veicoli Mercedes Vito Komby
  • 10 passenger seats (not including driver)¹
  • *Certified Travel Guide (if applicable)
  • *Minibar
  • *Television
  • *Stereo CD
  • *Internet
  • *First Aid for self-medication
  • *Tourist and hotel informations
  • *Information on road and rail links to and from the Umbria
  • *Shuttle service to and from railway stations of Assisi and Foligno for guests of affiliated hotels, free to all visitors who attend at least two excursions.
  • *Postcards with stamps.

  • ¹Including two children under the age of 10 years if accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over.

About us: driver's CV


and how to obtain
a first class service at

(premises - offices - employees)
Each driver is well skilled and fully independent.

(agents - advisors - financial brokers)
We personally manage the contacts with both the logistic organization and with the tourist/customer. Each driver is already prepared before the arrival of the tourist/customer.

All the drivers we selected boast a solid economic-financial experience and are passionate about their work. Personally speaking, I, Mr Marco Mincioni, the owner of Freccia di San Francesco, work as a driver and I am extremely passionate about my job. I will always be in direct contact with your company to prove what I stated above. I look forward to becoming your point of reference for your customers travelling from Umbria to the rest of Italy.

Offer for the chauffeured car hire service “family service private driver”, in Italy

Freccia di San Francesco Chauffeured Car Hire Service by Marco Mincioni, with registered office in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, also known for its artistic heritage as well as for its food and wine culture, is a leading company in the field of excursions / transfers (Assisi-Rome-Florence-Bologna-Siena-Venice-Amalfi coast-Seaside) / food & wine tours / wineries / special events (collection of grapes, chestnuts, truffles, olives, high quality mushrooms, forest fruits) in Umbria-Latium-Tuscany-Marche and in the whole of Italy starting from Umbria. Indeed this region is the central crossroads of Italy, and from here you can easily reach any part of the Country at reasonable prices.
Taking into consideration the particular economic situation that is affecting businesses at worldwide level, Freccia di San Francesco is pleased to introduce and offer a successful innovative service, which enables to get more customers, retain them and reach a high position in the preparation of special tourist packages for single people, families, groups etc. with a rapid economic growth thanks to the positive experiences and the word-of-mouth advertising provided by the final consumer.


From the very beginning, the private driver of a hired vehicle will be the customer’s local friend, a nice and discreet person and an expert able to propose numerous useful and innovative services. Based on our personal experience, we noticed that final customers demand a higher and higher quality service, which has to be both discreet and reliable. Such a service should be reasonably priced.

We are able to offer all that, standing out from our competitors, who offer this service only to get large amounts of customers and our customers really appreciate it. Our goal is to please each single person, so that they can have a lovely holiday and when they are back to their county of origin, they can talk about our service to their friends. This strategy has increased the amount of contacts we have, thus enabling our company to grow.

Our fleet is made up of Mercedes cars and other famous branded vehicles. They are licensed to drive in city centres, resorts and in areas where events are organized. Our professional drivers speak English, they are highly motivated, they are passionate about their job and they have a deep knowledge of the Umbrian and the Italian territory. We can provide a fully-comprehensive assistance to your company and to your customers directly on the place where they will stay thanks to our outstanding family service private driver service.

For this reason, Freccia Di San Francesco by Marco Mincioni, by means of ad hoc training provided to its vehicle drivers, can assist travellers or tourists visiting Italy in many ways, providing a standard car hiring service as well as many other services, such as special excursions not included in the conventional catalogues, assistance when buying typical products in shops (please mind that we do not have any economic agreement with any business, therefore, we only recommend goods and services whose quality is well-known), assistance when travellers need to buy Italian phone cards, low cost shipment of products purchased in Italy to the customer’s address, high flexibility and availability in case the traveller needs to meet certain deadlines or take part in guided tours, assistance provided by the driver on the spot for the whole duration of the excursion, selection and assistance in finding specific restaurants, supermarkets for shopping, local parties and events taking place during the traveller’s stay, pharmacies, assistance in case of emergencies and setbacks at the airport or at the railway station, large discounts on slow-food farm restaurants tested by us (just in case you did not book any meal for your customers), all well as provision of an Internet mobile office service. All that at NO EXTRA CHARGE COMPARED TO WHAT IS STATED IN THE PRICE LIST of the services we provide. We would be pleased to send you a customized price list of our services together with our catalogue upon your kind request.

Kindness, understanding, precision, reliability, passion, good manners, here are the characteristics of our drivers and we are sure they will do their best to meet any specific need you may have from your customers travelling to Italy and staying in Umbria. Generally speaking, tourists making use of our service feel reassured, comforted and relaxed. They have the feeling to have a member of their family by their side, a dear and discreet friend directly on the spot, who can be both professional and skilled at the right time, ready to help and driving a comfortable and fully-equipped vehicle. We thank you for your kind attention and we hope we will become your trustworthy partners. We strongly hope to be integrated in your travel packages in Italy, in case your customers want to visit Umbria too. For further information about any specific need you may have, please contact us via our website www.frecciadisanfrancesco.com (contacts section) or directly by e-mail info@frecciadisanfrancesco.it. I will personally answer to all of your inquiries, providing the right solution to any specific request and sending back a customized price list meeting any market’s need at very reasonable prices.

Marco Mincioni
  • vini doc umbria e toscana
  • bistecca fiorentina valdichiana
  • ricerca e degustazione tartufi
  • allevamento alpaca e produzione miele